There are no measurements on the pictures in the galleries as they can be printed to any size depending on the original image size but an approximate guide is listed below.
Pictures can be supplied on canvas or print, framed or unframed and the cost will depend on the medium used, size of picture and if framed the type of frame.

Before making a choice of picture it is most important to know within a little the size of print required on the wall space, and newspaper tacked onto the wall may help with this decision.  Also the colour of the wall and furniture may help with deciding whether the print colour should be warm or cold.  As mentioned on the home page if you are local and cannot decide between 2 or 3 prints for size and colour, if we have them in stock I will bring them to your home to hold against the wall to help with your choice. There is no obligation to purchase with this service.

As a general Guide
Print Prices not including frames

6″ x 4″ prints in mounts to fit 10″ x 8″ frames     £10 each.
8″ x 12″ (approx A4) in mount to fit  16″ x 12″ frame.  £35 ea.
12″ x 16″ (approx A3) in mount to fit  20″ x 16″ frame.  £45 ea.
Larger Prices contact Ian on 07768871875  or e-mail

Canvas prints stretched and ready to hang:-

Sizes are approximate
14.5″ x 21″.    £110
14.5 ” x 26″    £135
14.5″ x 36″     £190
14.5 x  48″     £250
For Limited Edition Prints add £20
Any other sizes can be printed  depending on the original image and for prices contact Ian on 07768871875  or e-mail

Post and Packing extra depending on size and weight

If you have an enquiry please contact Ian on 07768871875